Joe Averill Jr.

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Joe Averill, Jr. literally learned building from the bottom, up. During high school vacations, he worked on a framing crew that subcontracted work for Dallas builders. While in college at UT-Austin, Joe continued framing. After earning his BBA in general business in 1975, Joe returned to Dallas and to his framing crew. The crew’s foreman held a master’s in math, and Joe learned, through his mentorship, how to construct luxurious homes and businesses that are mathematically sound and accurate.

Joe holds the distinction of Certified Graduate Builder, the only builder in the RGV to have achieved this designation.

Joe explains what sets Averill Builders, Inc. apart: “I’m one of the few people left who actually came up through the trades. Most people learn from the book end of it, down, whereas I learned it from the ground, up. Also, from our clients all the way through our trade contractors, everybody gets treated with dignity and respect.” Averill Builders has built a team of subcontractors that knows exactly what is expected of them when they’re building an Averill home. “We expect everybody to do their best work all the time, and we also expect them to stand behind it.”

Green Building

Energy savings = Green Green makes sense. Lower operating costs, health, and comfort all contribute to the demand for green-built homes. Several Federal and state agencies, along with many private lenders offer special financing incentives for buyers of environmentally-friendly homes.

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