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Joe Averill, Jr. literally learned building from the bottom, up. During high school vacations, he worked on a framing crew that subcontracted work for Dallas builders. While in college at UT-Austin, Joe continued framing. After earning his BBA in general business in 1975, Joe returned to Dallas and to his framing crew. The crew’s foreman held a master’s in math, and Joe learned, through his mentorship, how to construct luxurious homes and businesses that are mathematically sound and accurate.

Joe holds the distinction of Certified Graduate Builder, the only builder in the RGV to have achieved this designation.

Joe explains what sets Averill Builders, Inc. apart: “I’m one of the few people left who actually came up through the trades. Most people learn from the book end of it, down, whereas I learned it from the ground, up. Also, from our clients all the way through our trade contractors, everybody gets treated with dignity and respect.” Averill Builders has built a team of subcontractors that knows exactly what is expected of them when they’re building an Averill home. “We expect everybody to do their best work all the time, and we also expect them to stand behind it.”

Averill Builders, Inc. builds quality homes. Although we strive for perfection, we are not perfect nor are the man-made and natural materials that are used in our homes. Therefore, our clients are provided with a one year Limited Warranty. Upon completion of a home, our clients are presented with a Limited Warranty Manual that details this program. The clients receive a walk-through prior to closing during which clients can identify items of concern. Another walk-through will be conducted at one month to verify rectification of any previously noted problem as well as identify any new warranty issue brought on as the natural, man-made materials age. Finally, a walk-through will be conducted at eleven months to identify any warranty problem that may have occurred as the home was subjected to change in climate and other natural phenomena. Averill Builders, Inc. is very proud of the quality homes that it builds and stands behind them.

The undersigned partners of Averill Builders, Inc. express a desire to clearly state the principles and ideals which guide all of us at Averill Builders in our relationships with our customers.

We feel this unusual step is necessary at this time because we find ourselves frequently dissatisfied with the way we are treated, both as individuals and as a company. Disinterest, discourtesy, bad service, late deliveries, and just plain bad manners are all too common occurrences.

We cannot tell others how to run their business (except by not buying from them) but we can run Averill Builders, Inc. as we feel a business should be run. Therefore, the following is a list we consider to be the inalienable rights of our customers. WE EXPECT TO BE HELD TO ACCOUNT WHENEVER WE DENY ANY OF THESE RIGHTS TO ANY CUSTOMER.

1. As our customer, you are entitled to be treated with friendliness, honesty, courtesy, and respect.

2. As our customer, you are entitled to full value for your money. When you buy a home from us, you should feel assured that it was a good buy, and at a fair price.

3. As our customer, you are entitled to be proud of your new home and to know that your satisfaction is our main concern.

4. As our customer, you are entitled to prompt, courteous, knowledgeable answers to your questions. Our goal is to provide all the help we can give you in designing, building, and servicing your new home.

5. As our customer, you are entitled to the privilege of being an individual and of dealing with individuals. When there are questions about your home, you are entitled to speak with the appropriate individual so the question can be resolved immediately, in the most mutually satisfactory manner possible. As our customer, we wish to be accessible and welcome all your thoughts and concerns as it affects our relationship.


Watercolor LOur Vision

Our vision is to realize the highest standards in all aspects of our business.

Our Mission

Averill Builders, Inc is in the business of building high quality custom projects in a professional environment in order to maximize long term profitability for our company and employees. To accomplish this, Averill Builders, Inc. is committed to constantly attracting new customers in order to build a broad base of contented repeat customers who are served by a team of dedicated, satisfied, customer-oriented employees.

Green Building

Energy savings = Green Green makes sense. Lower operating costs, health, and comfort all contribute to the demand for green-built homes. Several Federal and state agencies, along with many private lenders offer special financing incentives for buyers of environmentally-friendly homes.

Averill Builders Inc.

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