Our Objective

Averill Builders, Inc. is committed to achieving professional excellence through the following objectives:

Customer Service - The satisfaction of every client is one of the highest goals for Averill Builders, Inc. Our client's lofty expectations hold us to the highest standards in quality construction and service. For that reason, the company's depth of knowledge and intensity of commitment are driving forces in its relentless pursuit of client satisfaction. The entire building process, from start to finish, has been engineered to make it easy for the client and to make it an enjoyable experience.

Financial Stability - The financial stability of a builder is extremely important in today's economy. Averill Builders, Inc. has worked hard to maintain a flawless credit history and strives to maintain a solid reputation with its vendors, subcontractors, suppliers, and lending institutions.

Communication - Communication is the thread of the company's teamwork. Averill Builders, Inc. realizes that companies do not succeed; people do. By design, the team of professionals at Averill Builders, Inc. gives a high level of attention to each client's needs and concerns.

Green Building

Energy savings = Green Green makes sense. Lower operating costs, health, and comfort all contribute to the demand for green-built homes. Several Federal and state agencies, along with many private lenders offer special financing incentives for buyers of environmentally-friendly homes.

Averill Builders Inc.

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